Best writer for Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x

Hi people.

For a while now ive been using Pioneer with Taiyo Yuden and had amazing burns.

Was just wondering if anybody could recommend anything which does better burns with TY and accurate scan results of burns?

Thank you.

So you want something that’s better than “amazing” ? :eek: :smiley:

Yes please…

You wouldnt be able to pay that professional equipment necessary.

Apart from professional equipment what can u recommend?

Would i be best off sticking with pioneer?
I know people have said they dont give too accurate scan results.
My BenQ used to be amazing but its long gone now.
Are BenQ writer still made and any good?


What is the professional equipment mentioned? Whats the significant differences?

[QUOTE=joshuatly;2648584]What is the professional equipment mentioned? Whats the significant differences?[/QUOTE]

Read some cdfreaks/myce reviews.

Pioneer burners or drives in general are useless for scanning, some exceptions exist, like the japanese Pioneer BDR-205 version for CD scanning. :wink:

With excellent quality disc, basically every burner can obtain excellent results. The difference is so minimal that is not worth to make comparisons.

If you are anyway interested in disc scans, then liteon drives are the only available option. Generally, for writing quality, liteon drives are not considered the very best (if you are particularly picky). An excellent drive (if still available) is the Pioneer 116, but also the Optiarc 72x0 drives are good :slight_smile:

In general: good burner == inability to perform quality scan. :wink: