Best Writer for R+?

What is the best DVD burner/firmware combination for writing +R discs?


  1. Highest quality burns(low PI, low PIF, low jitter, good TRTs at max Read speed, and readable in players) on +R media(both SL & DL).
  2. Drive must have Bitsetting capability.
  3. Firmware doesn’t have to be official–but should be a firmware you have used with success and without problems.(Voiding the drive’s warranty is not a concern.)
  4. Lightscribe is not necessary, DVD-ram is not necessary, writing quality on -R discs is not a concern, scanning ability is not necessary.

Drive doesn’t have to be one of the latest models, but should be a drive that is commercially available now.
If possible, also specify the best burn speed for quality using the recommended drive/firmware on 16X SL media in general–(I know different disc MID may have different best burn speed setting.) :slight_smile:

The Pioneer 111 series burner with The Dangerous Bros. firmware in my signature. Great burns with Verbatim 16+R’s @ 12x burn speed which is recommended for most drives and 16x media. Only makes for a slight increase in burning time.

Here’s a scan for reference MCC 004 @ 12x

First choice in my opinion BenQ 1650/-55, it fulfills all your wishes (and some more) with the official firmware.

Pioneer 111 will also with some tuning like already mentioned fit your needs. I have both a PIO 111 and a BenQ 1640, and both are very good +R burners but my BenQ is in many cases slightly ahead of the Pioneer, and jitter is also in most cases a little bit better. So I would recomment you a BenQ.

The Pioneer has RAM and is the even better reader and the better (faster DL- burner), but cause you don’t need RAM and the official BenQ firmware already fits your needs I would go with the BenQ, who is also a good and quick reader. But for sure the Pioneer is a good choice either.

ditto/both good/buy both

Sorry for my slow reply, and thanks for your suggestions.

I am suprised to learn that the Pioneers could be flashed to support bitsetting.
If you feel the BenQ and Pioneer are about equal in writing quality on most R+ media, which of the two is better writing CDRs?


b 1640 or P 111d


if you are looking for DVD writer that has great quality in writing CD’s you can go for an LG. See this thread. LG writers are also decent burners for quality +R media.