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I have a Plextor 8x20 SCSI. I am looking to get a new writer but would like to get one which has the ability of writing safedisk 2 like my Plextor. It must be SCSI and must have the ability to re-write cds coz i am fed up of using cdrs all the time to test things when i could use a single cdrw to do the job! I have looked at the clonecd web site, but I have seen posts about drives which can do sd2 that aren;t listed. Oh, one more thing, cost is not an issue.

Any ideas



Keep your 8/20, you will regret selling it! I sold my 8/20 before i knew it could do Safedisc 2, but i was lucky to get hold of one again. Ofcourse i kept my knew burner which is an Yamaha 2100s. There is no other SCSI burner than the 8/20 that will do Safedisc 2 and iam not sure there will ever be. The 8/20 is so far the best burner ever made so keep it, nurse it, put it to bed every night, it`s simply the BEST…



Merlin is right! But if u want something that burns everything, u must take a look at Acer last product.


Am I missing something here??


The newest creative drive is safdisk 2 compatible I believe


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[B]Am I missing something here??


The newest creative drive is safdisk 2 compatible I believe [/B]

Am I missing something? Where in this post did someone say it wasn’t compatible? LOL :wink:

Ps. According to the CloneCD Hardware Requirements it’s not compatible… I had one report though it was, but I doubt it…



With all respect but you are really missing something here. When Imao2k started this post he asked for another SCSI writer that can do Safedisc 2 and Creative has never created a SCSI writer which i heard of…



It is really important to be SCSI. So as it seems there is other writer around capible of meeting my requirments. I will keep my 8x20 and wait till Plextor release a 24 speed writer and but that and have 2!

Cheers for your inputs


Plextor Rulezzz!!! That are the best Burners


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Plextor Rulezzz!!! That are the best Burners

No they’re not :stuck_out_tongue:
The 8x20 SCSI is the best SCSI writer, but although the IDE types are great, they are not superb…


With out a doubt Plextor Rulez… I have had many writers, Phillips, HP, Plasmon, Yamaha, Rioch. None have provided as much quality as Plextor. Shame about SD2 though.



Well, where should i start. Plextor has allways been THE Greatest drive. But these days might be over. I have heard from several Retailers that Plextor is soon to stop producing drives.

I would say, that until further notice, Acer is the best drive to choose.


Any body try the Sanyo burners??