Best writer for clone cd

i want to buy a new recorder that will support clone cd i have about £200 to spend and it must be a scsi one as the setup on my computer i cannot fit a eide one

i have a yamaha 6416scsi at the moment is this supported by clone cd as i have burnt “hitman 47” it came out as ok and installed ok when i went to run it nothing happened after the loading screen

Any help on either matter will be gratefully accepted


Hitman Codename 47 has the SafeDisc 2 protection. There are a lot of burners that don’t support this protection even if CloneCD is fully supported. So this is not a compatibility problem but a problem of the writer! SaefDisc 2 can be copied with CloneCD when you use a program called PlayBack, which modifies the image so the weak sectors where SafeDisc 2 relies on are replaced…

I have a PlexWriter which is fully supported by CloneCD, except when it comes to SafeDisc 2 :(…

A burner that can do SafeDisc 2 is a Philips burner but these brands have other probems like not being able to read SubChannel data.

My advice: stay with your yammie.

thanks very much. where can i find playback?

You can download it here. Please note that it only works for Win 9x. If you’re using Win2k, you should use InseKtors. For more info on PlayBack and InseKtors check CDR-Info

Check this image from CDR-Info:


Try if you can find plex 8/(2)/20 it can burn SD2 games and they work every time, it is the f…king best burner there is, combine it with clone cd and nothing can stop you.

and it can also burn hittman, no prob

The only bad thing about that drive is the low ReWrite speed of 2-4 X… The 8X writing is ok.

Thanks for the info. This writer is also probably cheaper then the 1210. The choice is yours :slight_smile: