Best writer for burning cheap DVD+R?

Hi there, I’ve got a couple of 3540s and a 3520. Had em about a year now and they’ve done pretty well overall, fantasitc with TY discs, but then thats a given really…

Anyway, the feedback on the 457x drives doesn’t look that good really, I’m kinda after getting a few new quality drives and ain’t that confident on the 457x ones.

Would appreciate a recommendation, taking into account that the most important part is the burn quality of CHEAP DVD+R.

I’ve noticed that quite a few cheap discs slow down towards the end of the disc when being read. This seems to happen more when I burn discs with my 3540 than my 3520.

I don’t mind what manufacturer or whatever just the best burns with semi-poor discs.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Pioneer burners have always been good with poor quality media. A friend of mine has had 2 in the past , a 104 & a 110, and these would burn really crap media that none of my burners (Benq,LG & NEC) could do anything with.

Try the Pio 111.

Cheers matey :flower: