Best write strat for Ritek +R R02

Made the big switch from -R to +R but the results are far from encouraging.
Burns start out good but get what I think is described as the mountain effect towards the end.
Should I be using a different write strategy - have just switched from VS0B to CG3E?

I’ve had good results with this media and CodeGuys firmware using the YudenT2 (I think?) strat. I was able to push it to 6x, but 4x works pretty well for most batches. Try changing the Yuden strat to be max 4x, check results, if that looks good push the yuden to 6x. The results I got were way better than your previous scan using this technique.


sorry, my bad, this was for ritek r03. Not sure if same applies for r02. maybe someone more knowledgable can help :slight_smile:

Here’s a sample, burned at 6x.


RITEK /R02/01 [ 4x ] -> YUDEN000/T02/00

Burned @ 8x


Well, I tried that (burned @4x) but it didn’t seem to make much difference. Maybe I need to give it a couple of burns before it kicks in?

The burn seems to be fine until the very end. I wonder if it’s a problem with Ritek’s media reliability. shrugs Do other disc types exhibit this kind of problem at the end?

The TY strat works nicely for R03 and for R01. Never owned any R02 media, but if it worked for the R01 and the R03, I guess it’d make sense for it to be the strat to use for R02 as well. :wink:

Yep, getting the same sort of build up at the end with some crappy Princo -R and Optodisc +R that I had lying around.
I thought the +R Ritek stuff was supposed to be okay? In fact, I thought I read somewhere that the +Rs were in fact Ricohjpn, but no such luck!
Everything goes really smoothly until right before the end, then the errors start to pileup, making the disc eventually freeze in the standalone.
Interesting that it is doing it with other media as well?
Here’s another one of same ISO burned at 8x . . .

Nah, Ritek has never been known for reliability. Back in the day, in a market flooded with stuff like Princo, Ritek looked like a shining star, but in recent times, as they tried to jack up production volumes, Ritek batches have been hit-and-miss; some are good, and some are bad.

Ricoh batches (also made by Ritek) tend to be much better because they are subject to stricter quality control.

Based on what you have here, this could still either be a media issue (since Princo and Optodisc are not exactly good comparison points), or it could also be an issue with your specific drive. It’s hard to say.

BTW, did you notice anything unusual at the outer edges of the burned disc? Dark spots, etc.?

Good point on the camparo. But no dark spots etc. Nice even purple dye - looks good at least.
Can’t see any point in swapping the firmware. I’ll see if I’ve got any other discs lying around?
I have been burning Princos until now but the last batch was a shocker (turned me off them for life).
Trying to find TY’s or something similar is difficult. If anyone can point me at some quality media in Oz I’d appreciate it?

Guess what? Found a RICOHJPNR01 that came with the drive.
In theory it should burn beautifully, is that right?

My litey loves ricohjpn r01 media. Use the stock write strat with tweaks and burn away. I ordered a 100 pk ridata dvd+r and got ritek r03 02 instead so I’m bummed. Here’s a burn on a ricohjpnr01 at 8x with no spikes removed.

Well, it would appear mine does too. What a difference the right brand of disc makes?
The question is - do I persevere with the Riteks or just consign them to experience?
Am I correct in saying that TDK +Rs are ricohjpn - how can I be certain of getting the right ones?
Any Aussies care to comment?
Dick Smith has TDK DVD+Rs 25@$33.72

Well, I decided to reset the learnt media using the EEPROM utilty.
What a positive difference that has made.
I don’t know what the general experience is with this tool but I’d recommend it based on the results that I have been getting.
Better to start with a clean slate!
Still get a build up of errors towards the end with the Riteks so I think it must be the media - not enough to make the discs unreadable though.
I base this cooment on the fact that the burns shine if they don’t require the whole disc.
Have also been getting some pretty good burns out of the crappy Optodiscs (thought Riteks were supposed to be better).
Have attached two scans:

  1. 4th burn with the Riteks
  2. 5th burn with the Optos

I get great results without changing strategy & simply enabling 8x:

Revhead, I can confirm that they are Ricoh JPNR02.

Dick Smith also have TDK +R X8 in 50 spindle with a brown lable for AUD35 and they are CMC MAG E01 and the ones I got are OK