Best Windows registry cleaner




I’m an IT tech and I use registry cleaning as part of my job. My company advises to use CCleaner, Tuneup and Registry Fix (in this order) as registry cleaning. The problem is that Registry Fix 6.4 does a lousy job. Computers with Bluetooth software or HP printer software get screwed by this utility. It removes some Bluetooth needs entries and I get a btrez.dll error, and also HP printer softwares stops working.
So I want to know if there’s any trustable registry cleaner software. CCleaner and Tuneup Utilities are safe to use, no problems caused so far.
Another question is why every registry cleaning software detects invalid registry intems, even if I ran 3 or 4 registry cleaners :confused:


There is no such thing as a "trustable"regcleaner …they all remove valid entries if you do a thorough check.
My personal favorite,is JV16 Powertools,from Macecraft…


I use a combination because they all seem to leave something behind. JV16 is a good one, IMO, along with Tuneup Utilities. I like using CCleaner and Tuneup Utilities to wipe up files that I don’t need. Then every once in a while I’ll run Norton Disk Doctor just because I have it.


ccleaner, regseeker, regscrub, advanced windows care, cleanup, NTRegOpt [reg optimizer] and iobit smartdefrag


I use CCleaner, JV16 2008…only problem I have is that JV16 can’t remove registery entries from Iomega that leaves register in there. When I go in with regedit it says needs some priviledges but I am admin…Seems only way to get rid of those is to reformat the HDD…that is a pain have to reinstall over…but I had good luck with CCleaner in combination with JV16…


I had an issue with earlier versions of JV16 and the Synaptics touch pad drivers for my laptop. Sometimes it gets too aggressive if you set it that way. The problem went away with the latest version.


I use Registry Mechanic and Argente.
Argente is donationware and RM was free after rebate.
They seem to work…I’ve never been hosed.
RM asks to create a Restore Point…RM seems to be more polished and robust.

Defragger is PerfectDisk…very happy with it.
UltimateDefrag works well for a freebie.