Best way?

At the moment my cd-rw and cd-r are on one ide channel and the h-drive is on the other.Would it be better to connect the cd-rom to the primary ide and set it as slave to the h-drive and leave the other ide just for the burner.Any suggestions please.

An excellent way to ensure you slow the hard disk access by 50%.

can be useful ONLY if you plan to make on-fly copy at higher speed (e.g. 16 or 24x) to optimize bus usage of two cd unit
(one channel reading,one channel writing)

but black diamond is right,your hd slow down :eek:

then,if you have burn-proof and you don’t need to make a lot of copies,leave your settings


or you could do the really smart thing and go SCSI.

Even the older Ultra and WIDE Scsi drives offer better performance than the best IDE drives and usually come with a scsi adapter and cables.

I have a Smart and Friendly CD Rocket Mach 12 external 12x-4x-32x with adapter cable and all the software in retail box for sale if interested email me off list.