Best way to verify quality of a written DVD+R?


I am the owner of a NEC 2500A with Herrie’s V2 beta 4 firmware.

I have noticed that when burning ISO images of DVDs onto the Taiyo Yuden DVD+R media I am using, I encounter read errors with DVDInfoPro. Almost 2 out of 4 DVDs I burn have read errors on them.

For the latest DVD+R I burnt, I had the “verify written data” in DVD Decrypter checked and no errors were reported. However the disk had about 10 errors with DVDInfoPro (1 red cell). When I run Nero CD/DVD test, the DVD speed diagram was flawless, but Scandisk also found an error (1 red call as well), which was quoted as 0.09% unreadable.

Since I do not want the DVDs I burn to be unable to play in the future, I tend to throw away the DVD+Rs with errors and as a result, I have 1 coaster for every 2 DVD+R I successfully burn.

This has become quite a headache of course.

So could anyone suggest a method that would be reliable enough in order to check whether the DVD+R is playable or not ? I could of course watch the entire movie and make sure there are no pauses or hitches, but, as you can understand, this is impossible to be done for every DVD+R I burn.

Thanks in advance.

The media forum is the better place to post this message. I believe Nero’s new CD/DVD Speed (?) is the standard CD/DVD quality check program for owners of non-Lite On DVD/CD RW drives.

You’re talking about the read diagram or the ScanDisk test ?