Best way to verify Data after a burn?

I want to know how i can verify my data i burned and not just make a kprobe scan or a CD/DVDspeed scan (not 100% accuracy when i cant read the data and the kprobe scan is superb)
Is there any way to do so ?

When I am burning data backups I include an md5 hash, or an sfv if its not as critical. If I really want to make sure the sucker never goes bad I also include about %5 or so in par2 files of the smallest chunk size I am willing to wait for (the smaller the longer it takes to compute them). The small chunks ensure that any error will require less redundancy to repair.

If you are backing up a movie or something that you cannot change physically by adding these files to the disk, mount the disk image in deamontools before burning, make an md5 hash, burn, then compare.