Best way to verify a data burn?

I have read a few posts about this and there seems to be several ways to do this, PIF/PIO, md5 checksum, nero cd-dvd speed, and the verify function in Nero which they say does a bit-by-bit comparison.

Which method would be best for checking data files? I will burning .wav files.


Use the Nero verify option to start with. This may not always work so utilities like WinDiff (from microsoft) & CD Check will do file by file comparisons after the burn.

Also if your burner supports disc quality scanning then do that.

If the verify succeeds & you get a good scan then you can start to feel comfortable about your data being safe.
And on this matter , avoid Ritek G05 media as there are serious concerns about the durability of this media.

Ok, thanks.

I personally do not trust nero verification - i have heard of cases where it said successful when there were errors. I don’t believe it uses bit to bit comparaison, but I am not 100% sure on this, this is only a feeling not a fact that I know for sure.

One program tha I use is called FolderMatch, it features different levels of compare including MDS checksum, binary compare, etc… it is fast and reliable.

FREE trial - and after that this is one of the software worth purchasing.

Please note that comparing / verifying your CD/DVD does not garantee it will stay that way - and since keeping your source material to compare to is not an option, then you might want to run disc PI/PIF scans from time to time and look out for PO Failures.

I wouldn’t trust Nero’s verification feature, either.

Interesting proggies mentioned :)…I usually quality scan the disc from time to time, to check if there’s any deterioration.

Of course, as mentioned, this depends on whether your drive is capable of scanning. :slight_smile:

GREAT - glad to see I am not the only one - I was expected to get flamed as some people swear by NERO’s verification rubbish :smiley:

Interesting proggies mentioned :slight_smile:

No problem - I’m an interesting person :smiley:

…I usually quality scan the disc from time to time, to check if there’s any deterioration.

Same here - I usually take my magnifying glass and inspect the disc from time to time - save myself the trouble of waiting 15 minutes for a scan :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Of course, as mentioned, this depends on whether your drive is capable of scanning. :slight_smile:

It is, and more :smiley:

LMAO @ Greg :bigsmile:

I use the Verify feature everytime I burn with Nero or ImgBurn.

There are two ways a verification can go wrong theoretically:

Verification can tell you that everything’s fine, but the copy is actually different from the original. This has never happened to me in all my burns.

Verification can fail telling you something’s wrong, but the copy is actuallly identical to the original. This has happened exactly once with ImgBurn but never with Nero.

I’ve had several examples of the verification telling me that something went wrong, and a double check by other methods confirmed it.

So I’ll go on using the “rubbish” verification feature, thank you very much! :wink:

Suit yourself - But if something goes wrong don’t blame the devil made you do it :wink:

Hehe, Drage - I’m not gonna blast you for using the Verify! Everyone has different experiences and opinions. :slight_smile:

I had a bad experience with the Verify option once, which kinda put me off using it - I copied some fairly important stuff over to a CDR on another PC. After I’d gone home, someone (aka my mum) did a little file deleting.

When I tried to get my data (which had verified perfectly) off the disc at my PC, the data was unreadable :frowning:

and how id you store the disk on the way home? any humidity in your car?.. (oh wait dont answer that lol)

but anyway i use verify, but if it was important, id ftp it as well.

That’s perfectly understandable.
If I had been burned by the Nero verification feature like that, I probably would be wary of using it too. That’s just not the kind of “burning” I like! :stuck_out_tongue:

There is one weakness of the Nero verification feature - it doesn’t cycle the tray before verifying the written data. This means that you could have a disc that won’t be recognized by the drive once you have ejected it.

ImgBurn however cycles the tray before verifying, so you know that the disc was recognized by that drive at least once!

Both ImgBurn and DVDInfoPro have the capability of verifying a disc against an ISO image on your harddrive, so you could burn an ISO image with any program and then verify it later with either of those.

If you use CDSpeed for burning your ISO image, it will be altered slightly and automatically fails verification by ImgBurn. DVDInfoPro will show the the handful of differences, but will continue comparing the rest of the disc against the ISO image.

EDIT: Unless you disable the feature of having CDSpeed automatically add the identification of the writing drive and the burn graph (Include test data).

Have anyone tried enabling verification within CDSpeed (Write and verify)?


Good point about having the files somewhere else. If I’d known in advance my mum was going on a tidyup, I would have told her to leave the files be. My fault for dumping them on the desktop :doh:

And to get back to the original topic, I forgot about TRT (transfer rate tests) - always handy to do in conjunction with a scan, IMO :slight_smile:

Edit: Wow, I didn’t know half that stuff, Drage - thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, the devil made me do it again - using the verify feature of Nero, that is. :wink:

And surprise, surprise, once again the verify feature told me that that the copy was different from the original.
This was confirmed with FolderMatch, although that took far longer than Nero’s builtin verify feature.

A Read Transfer test told me the same thing, but a quality scan didn’t tell me anything that would make me doubt the burn - only a small PIE spike of 65.

So I’m hoping the devil will continue making me use the verify feature! :bigsmile:

Out of pure curiosity I just have to ask. :slight_smile:
What kind of verification does Nero use? Sector by sector, or…?

BTW, the only “data” verification tool I used sofar is MD5 checksum (linky in my sig). :wink:

That’s right.
This is why using a Nero verification is almost as fast as just performing a Read Transfer test, but unlike the TRT it will actually compare the data on the disc with the data in the original files.

I’m not saying that the Nero verification feature is bug-free in all environments, but it hasn’t let me down yet. I always perform an eject/load to confirm that the disc will be detected by the drive, because Nero doesn’t do this by itself - unlike ImgBurn.

That was exactly my point :slight_smile:

#1) NERO verification is faster because it doesn’t run a bit for bit compare, I think it does a READ test at maximum speed throughout the CD and checks for a CRC error, or maybe it uses another method, whereas folder match compares every files bit for bit. However, let’s say your media is good but has burnt correctly but the data is different due to bad RAM in your system, this is an area where the verification in NERO will go right through, another important reason to run a bit for bit verify of each file for sensitive files :smiley:

#2) NERO tells you that the disc verify failed, but it does NOT tell you which file and where

There ARE cases where NERO has passed a verify and yet there were differences on the actual data disc. Would you want to take that chance ? :slight_smile:

I think you are wrong about this. As far as I can tell, Nero compares the data on the disc versus the original data. It just doesn’t do this in file order, but rather in sector order which is faster - significantly faster when you burn many small files instead of a few big ones.

#2) NERO tells you that the disc verify failed, but it does NOT tell you which file and where

Thats’ true, but if I get a verification failure I don’t care much about which file has been corrupted. The entire disc is going to be re-burned anyway!

There ARE cases where NERO has passed a verify and yet there were differences on the actual data disc. Would you want to take that chance ? :slight_smile:

My gut feeling is that this depends on the system setup, on which drive is being used, and particularly on the Nero version.

I have never had this type of false verification result with Nero on any of my systems! :disagree:

hi guys i’m a NEWBIE lol but i just wondering after nero verified the disk and it’s told ya verif failed and tells ya what sectors were buggy how do locate the those sectors/files i burned a data disk with mixed media prog.exes vid files emulators and an game iso. i have my suspicions it may be the iso (as some games disks have have built in bad sectors to prevent copying/burning “piracy”<-- nasty word!!! but anyway any advice will be welcome probaly gonna have to reburn but don’t want to cos nero took it’s bloody time this time like an hour!!! longest it’s EVER taken!!!

I think CDCheck will do what is needed here.

CDCheck is a utility for the prevention, detection and recovery of damaged files on CD-ROMs with an emphasis on error detection. With CDCheck you can check your CDs and discover which files are corrupted. By using the program proactively, you can insure that your data on CD-ROMs are safe – before it’s too late! CDCheck provides the following features: readability verification, binary compare, CRC file creation (and verification) and file recovery. For more information see Info.

edit This is the program that TimC made reference to, i guess i should read all posts first :o .