Best way to use smart burn?

Did 2 burns@12x with verb16x mcco4 useing Frist1withsb/os/fht -on. #2 sb/fht-off /os-on frist 1 took 11min. Qscore 43. #2 Q 90,7min 30sec. Read speed with spikes near end, should i have every thing off except SB? Any info on these Scans would be helpfull.

The 1st scan with all options on is much better than the 2nd one, and the Transfer Rate Test is also cleaner. In my opinion, for the 1635S, you are best to leave HT/SB=ON, OS is a personal preference, I’ve always left it on.

Pretty bad scans considering the media being used, I’ve never had any MCC004 burn that badly.

pict.came up in the wrong orderfrist 2 ,sb/fht-off OS-ON 7min30 sec,Q90 next2 sb/fht/os-on 11min Q43, my mistakeon orderof scans.

Well if that is the case, and SB/HT=On for the 2nd scan, it is doing something very wrong. results with HT should be better not burning coasters :eek:

Maybe try to burn a few more with SB/HT=On to see if burns improve, if not, something is very wrong with your drive.

burned@12x sb/fht on/ osOFF,is this better?