Best way to test integrity of burned CDs and DVDs?



I’m using Nero on PC running XP, SP1. Burner is a Plextor 708UF.

What is the best way to test the reliability of CDs and DVDs that I have burned on the Plextor?

Since I have Nero, I’ve been using the Nero Toolkit/CD-DVD Speed/Extra/ScanDisk File Test and Surface Scan.

If it shows damaged areas, I throw out the disk and burn a new one.

If a disk passes the File Test and Surface Scan, can I assume that the disk is okay? Or is there another utility I should be using? I am willing to buy other software (besides Nero) if necessary.

FWIW, I do usually also “test” a DVD or CD I’ve burned by opening at least a couple of files on it, but it’s not practical to open every file – sometimes there are just way too many files.

Another related question. I burned a CD that tested fine (Nero’s File Test/Surface Scan) on the Plextor, but when I also tested it in another, read-only CD drive, it had a lot (over 13%) of damaged areas.

Is it normal for a burned CD to test differently in different drives? Or should I be worried about this?