Best Way To Test DVD Burner

I have a Lite-On SOHW-1693S. For about a year now, I thought it was broken because it could not read any disc I put in it. Then, I just decided to take a look inside. To my amazement, I found out it wasn’t working because there was a piece of paper stuck inside :eek:

Now my question is. Is there a thorough way to determine if the laser was damaged/scratched by the piece of paper that was lodged inside? And would it be recommend to by a Lens Cleaner and stick it in the drive?

Have you tried it out since you found paper in it? I would cause what do you have to loose?

I would try putting in a CD or DVD that’s hasn’t got any important information on it and put that in the drive. See what happens.

So I tried the Nero CD/DVD Speed Test. For a DVD movie, it won’t even start. :confused: It doesnt even finish the ‘drive speedup’.

But for a data cd, I attached the results.

What you guys think?

dataSpeedTest.pdf (10.2 KB)