Best way to share cable internet on 2 pc's



Hi everybody

I hope someone can help me with my prob:
I’ve got an P2 350mhz 64mb 8gigz hd bla bla I’ve got cable from “gelrevision/upc/chello” (yeah even i don’t get it )
Anyway in a couple of weeks we’ll get another pc (compaq 600mhz 128mb 13 gigz something like that) anyway i want 2 share my internet connection how do i do that ?
Now i use an “compex pci rl2000”(?) ethernetcard witch connects to my cablemodem and that works perfectly… but how do i share that connection ? Can i simply buy another compex ethernet card and connect the 2 and windows 98 will do the rest…(that’s prob. a dream coz what can microsoft do automatic? ) Btw i also wanna share printer…
Hope u ppl can understand what i’m trying 2 say here my english isn’t that great so




Install a network card in both systems and use TCP/IP. Then if you’re using Windows 98 SE use the Internet Connection Sharing option in there. This will create a file which you can use on the other system to share your connection.


Je kan inderdaad gemakkelijk ICS gebruiken als je Win98SE hebt… Mocht dat niet zo zijn, dan kan je altijd nog een proggie als Ishare of Sygate of Wingate downloaden, kijk maar eens bij Tucows…

Waar je wel op moet letten is dat je in de computer die de netwerkkaart van de kabelmodem heeft NOG een netwerkkaart moet stoppen en die dan via coax of UTP (in dat laatste geval via crosscable of HUB) met de netwerkkaart in de andere computer moet verbinden.
Netwerkkaartjes van 10 MBit (is makkelijk genoeg voor jouw doel) kosten iets van 25 piek per stuk, dus laat je niet afzetten.

Meer info nodig, email me…

(sorry english folks, but the guys says his english is bad so i explain the hard part in dutch…)


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What Screwdriver said is almost correct. Windows 98 does have ICS (internet connection sharing) feature, but that feature only works for dial-up connections.

You have two options. In both cases, you will need an ethernet card in your new computer and a hub.

Option #1
If both pc’s are running Windows98, you will need a third party NAT program, such as Wingate. This application works similiar to Windows98 ICS, but it also works for DSL and cable modem connections too. I think the cost is about $35. They have a website, unfortunately, I don’t recall what it is.

Option #2
You will need to get a second ethernet card for your computer with the connection to the cable modem. I don’t fully understand how this works, but according to my friend who does networking, by getting a second ethernet card for this computer, you can pass the connection to your new computer through the second ethernet card. Obviously, your new computer must also have an ethernet card.

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Tnx people for the info…

So i need an 2nd ethernet card for the computer with the cable modem ?
isn’t it possible that i use that samecard ?
It’s a compex like i say earlier but it has 2 connections possible on the card i believe one looks sorta like an isdnplug no idea what i should call it (witch goes 2 the cablemodem) anyways there is another “round” connection can’t i use that one 2 connect to the other computer?? just wandering
oh and about win98 this comp uses “normal” win98 and the compaq is prob. gonna me win 98 se right?

tnx again for your reply’s


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