Best way to remove nero 6

What is the best way to make sure nero 6 is completly removed from my computor?

When a manufacturer supplies an uninstaller or Clean Tool Remover, that should be the best way to remove the program.

Get the Nero6 clean tools from here .

TimC: Thanks for catching that error (wrong version).

would you recommend running all the cleaning tools? I downloaded them all. Thanks for your help. I am going to give imgburn a try and see how it works.

The General Clean Tool has always worked for me and I’ve never had a need to supplement the removal process with additional Nero products.

Here is Nero’s opening paragraph:

General CleanTool is our recommended program for uninstalling any Nero software. After you uninstall a program, simply re-install it to begin using it again.

Id go with the Nero 6 tool in post#3, imo.
BTW, didnt know you had to remove nero to try Imgburn???

Without repeating myself Check out my post 1 day ago the topic “nero 6 dvdrw disc at once” I’d much rather dump nero and try something else.