Best Way To Record Digital Video

Hello…Can you tell me the best way to record Cable Box Digital Video?
I would like to record decent quality video to archive on a DVD Recorder in XP (1 HR) or SP (2 Hour) mode.
If possible I would like to circumvent any copyright protection ex; VOD, Pay-Per View for these personal use recordings.

Is it better to buy a DVD Recorder with a built in Hard Drive or should I use a DVR connected by cables to a DVD Recorder? If so what type of DVR has the best quality that can be archived to DVD-R? The ability to Basic Edit the Video would be a plus.

Or…Is there an even better way? Thank J

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

If your cable box has an output socket (eg S-Video or SCART) then you can record to a DVD recorder from that. Whether to get one with a hard drive or not depends on how you wish to edit: either on disc with the recorder (in which case get a HDD machine), or later on the PC (in which case you might not need the HDD type).

Unfortunately we can’t help you circumvent copy protections for material you don’t own.