Best way to protect VCD

I need to protect my VCD(file .dat) and i want the best way to do this ?please help me.

If you had done a quick search then you would have come up with this thread. In fact this thread was only five lines below this one in the same forum.

the cdwin doesn’t find my cd writer"lg"
please there are another software or another way??

Download SampleVCD.nrg at

A Nero-Disc-Image file that contains Specimen of the Copy-Protected Video-CD. Please download it, and burn it into a new blank CD-R/RW. Test it if the CD can be copied to another blank CD, or if you can extract the image of the CD to make the virtual version of it. Stop piracy by publishing unbreakable-copy-protected VCD. :iagree:


The link not working.

KL Chin