Best Way to Protect CD from Piracy?


Hi everybody. I want to mass-produce some CDs containing original content for sale. What is the best way to protect from piracy?


You can’t. Any protection can be cracked eventually.

At best, you can only protect a cd disc until the drm is cracked. Depending on how popular your content is, the time period can be several hours to a few years.


I hear that there is a movement away from CD and
DVDs, in favor of a simple link to the information. Are piracy issues
the culprits? And if so, how best to create a link, and guide customers to the product?


I wouldn’t waste my time with cd/dvd these days for product information.

If the product information is confidential, in principle a website required a login/password could protect it minimally. Though all it takes is some hacker compromising the website to nullify any protection.

One just has to see all the current hacking done to compromise login/password credentials to popular websites like Facebook, etc …