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I am currently using my computer as the heart of my entertainment system. I have been using DVD Region + Css with Ultra DVD. Lately many of my new DVD’s Will not play on my computer. I really do not want to buy a DVD player when this system has been working fine until now. It appears that DVD Region will not be updated anytime soon. ANY SUGESTIONS???

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tried updating the software?

Try a new DVD playing software such as Power DVD or VLC Media Player (free) and as far as using DVD Region + Css Free that program hasn’t been updates for a long time now and I doubt if it ever will be

I have tried Power DVD, cant get them to play there either. the copy protection keeps me from playing using my computer, thats where DVD Region came in, it allowed me to play the movies. But now it now longer overlooks the new copy protections and my systems locks up. VLC media no results there either.

What regions are you trying to play? Like what region are your drive dvd set to and what region are the media? Might be good to know about the regions your trying to play. Also don’t know but have you also tried windvd as well? I have windvd but I am from region 1.

I am playing Region 1 (USA). I havent tried windvd. I will attempt it this weekend.

Ok now i have tried WinDvd8 and it does not work either. The Sony DVD’s are the one locking up my sytem. Takes a complete reboot. Would a copy/backup software make a difference and allow me to play these on my computer.

Sony is putting so much copywrite protection on some of there new DVD’s that they won’t even play on some of the new Sony stand alone players. :eek:

How new or old is your drive?
What brand is your drive?
Is it only sony dvd’s that will not play?
Will it read cd’s?
Have you checked for codec conflicts?
Is your system infected Sony’s rootkit or some form of DRM?
Software player conflicts?

As wobble stated, Sony’s been really anal with copy protection lately.

Read this story:

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Have you tried the free trial of AnyDVD? It should remove the region code as well as the copy protection and allow your to play the dvds as you have been doing.

And yes, if you rip the movie to the hard drive and remove all the protection schemes as you do it, you should be able to play them as you wish. AnyDVD is a good tool for this, though not free.

If you want a free decrypter/ripper that is still being updated, then you should look at DVDFab HD Decrypter. Found here

Learned it from one of your threads. :wink:

Sony has said that it will replace a number of DVDs that caused problems for many of its customers. 20 DVD titles were affected by the glitch—including the movies Casino Royal, Rocky Balboa, and Stranger Than Fiction—which was caused by Sony’s ARccOS copy protection on the discs.

I have the three included DVD’s, DVDFab Platinum backed up each.

Making a backup of these DvD’s is not the issue, we know that they can done. It’s a DVD compatibility glitch that’s the problem. I have Casino Royal. Both the original and the backup would only play on two of the three dvd players have. I made the exchange with Sony and now both the original and backup will play on all three.

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seems like the best thing to do is get a replacement.

sony really is trying to screw things up. the money they spend trying to stop dvd copying they could make back triple selling us good dvd burners, quality media and online downloading of new releases. insead of making it illegal for this to be done they could profit by allowing it.