Best way to make VCDz



Hi to all!
What’s the best way to produce VCD from AVI files ? I capture the AVI files with an ASUS V3800U (352x288 size … 25 fps).


The best way is to convert it into MPG format, then use Adaptec EZCD Creator to burn it to VCD(DAT) format, so that it can be read by VCD/DVD Players.



Could you tell me if it is possible to change real movie files back to avi and avi to mpg and what sort of program could do this. Ive been after finding one for some time to make these video CD’s but ive not yet been lucky. Any help would be great

Thank you for reading this



That’s ok ! But what kind of software I have to use to convert avi into mpegz ? I’ve try the Xing Encoder but the quality was really bad.
I use NERO to burn VCDz … that’s the same ?


Panasonics MPEG1 Encoder and the LSX-MPEG Transcoder are good for converting AVI to MPG, but it takes forever.


I’ve hear about LSX Encoder … where can I find a crack for the 3.0 version ? And what about the Panasonic ? Where can I get it ?

Thank’s for any answer !