Best way to listen to RA or RAM (Real Audio) in car


I like several National Public Radio shows and want to be able to listen to them in my car via CD/MP3 receiver.

On the shows’ websites you can download .ra or .ram files, or you can pay money to a company called Audible for a podcast.

I’ve found some programs that claim they will convert ra/ram files to mp3, but I was wanting some recommendations before purchasing.

A free program would be great, but I don’t mind spending $20 or $25 if I know it will work.

I hope to get some reviews from real users before purchasing.


You might want to try some of the programs here videohelp
I have used Real7ime Converter a couple of times before.

I’ll download that and try it. Since my original post, I also visited Real Player’s site and learned that the pay version of Real Player will allegedly convert real audio files to mp3 and other formats.

Has anyone used Real Player for this? I try to avoid Real Player - seems like it just wants to take over your entire PC, but if it works reliably, might be worth a try.

In the meantime, I may have to try Real7Time Converter although I was hoping to convert faster than real time.

Thanks, bob23.

You could always use those new analog rewritables…


And to think I just sold my Nakamichi Dragon!!!