Best way to install 2 dvd writers?



Hi All.

I have just bought an additional dvd writer and would like know the best way to set up for best results also the most compatible software if possible.



“best” is a very relative term, and it would largely depend on what you want to do and what your current setup is.


i also want to buy second dvd writer, i have 2 hard drives and one dvd writer at the moment, i wanted to know if it is possible to write 2 copies of a dvd in the same time, and if so, what program to use, and do i have to put the image file on my hdd, or i can create an image while copying??



It probably is possible on the hardware level, but I don’t think IDE drivers allow one stream of information to be send to two different drives at the same time. Also, as far as I know there isn’t any software capable of doing this, at least not for desktop computers.

But someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Best methods are:

  1. Copy from a Sata HD to a DVD burner on an IDE channel.
  2. Copy from a HD on IDE1 to a DVD burner on IDE2.
  3. Copy from a DVD burner on IDE1 to a DVD burner on IDE2

Other ways can work, but you leave yourself open for the possiblity of problems. Yes you could burn from two seperate hard drives to to seperate burners at the same time which would likely produce good result. I’m not sure I would want to attempt any other methods.