Best way to import a DVD into Vegas 6?

I’m basically doing my own dvd commentary for a dvd movie, and I was wondering what is the best way to get the video and audio from the dvd onto Vegas6? I tried ripping the dvd with DVD Decrypter then encloding it into DivX 6. Vegas liked the video but not the audio even though it was only in mp3. Is there some way I can make a high quality video that Vegas will read, that also has audio that Vegas can read, and possibly have burned in subs as vegas doesn’t read subs either.

Thank you!

or just a way to get the dvd into some kind of format where vegas can read it? i’m not fussy…

Try going to, and reading the guides/tutorials on how to edit/author a dvd. There are settings and standards that have to be followed. Your audio has to be in the correct format. DIVX is only good, if everyone who will be viewing your dvd has divx capable players. Many players won’t play divx.

I know, but as I said, I’ve already got the dvd, I’m just trying to put the movie into Vegas so that I can record a commentary for it. After that, I can just demux the dvd, and remux it with the commentary track added. For some reason, Vegas won’t load Mpv (aka mp2/mpg) either so in the end i’ve had to convert the AC3 (which Vegas won’t read) from the demuxed dvd to wav (which it will) and play it alongside the divx’d version of the movie which has no sound because Vegas doesn’t read its mp3 soundtrack.

Have you tried Nero 7.0 Show time and Recode?