Best way to go VCD->DVD

Anyone know a simple and effective way of converting VCD->DVD? I tried DVDlab pro, but the audio track kept coming out way out of sync from the video. I’m talking not even close, kinda like the middle of the movie’s audio playing at the beginning.

Dead easy - buy SVCD2DVD ( works every time for me!

Which one do you use? Is the free SVCD2DVDMPG any good?

Never used it I’m afraid, but think its very basic compared to its big brother. I bought the full v2.0 and its superb and cheap (also has excellent support from the author in the forum). It has menu authoring, burning, converting of formats the lot! If you decide to try the free version (or indeed v2.0) let us know how you get on.

I was able to use TMPEG DVD author, add the VCD dat files to the compilation and burn the DVD with no problems…works great!

how was the quality of the movie? was it good? cause made one either but if i compared it the quality wasn,t good as VCD,

is it possible to copy 6 or 7 VCDs to 1 DVD?

Again, SVCD2DVD will do this for you with a menu. I guess it depends how many discs your original VCDs are though.