Best way to get Real Video clips on DVD-R

I’m looking for the best way to convert low-quality 150Kbps ‘Real’ video clips (.rm) and put them on DVD.

I currently use SUPER which provides many ways to encode the video and a lot of control over the output, but it is tough to get it onto DVD. SUPER can output directly to VOB fiels. Then, a program called IFOEdit lets me create IFO files for one VOB file (but I don’t know how to get other VOB files to be treated as seperate chapters). From there, I can just burn the files with NERO Burning ROM.

If I use NERO Vision, it will always transcode the video fiels before burning, which decreases quality significantly. Maybe this is because it is a ‘transcoder,’ not a true encoder.

Ideally, I should only encode once. But would the quality suffer much if I encoded to high bitrate before reencoding before burn? Is there a better program or a better way to do this?

Actually, encoding twice would take too much time. I need this done overnight.

May be you should consider using Nero Recode to do the conversion and burning.

Hmmm… NERO Recode seems to take the IFO files and compile them without re-encoding. This will probably work.

This Nero package is certainly confusing – so many applications.

Try the Nero Recode it always re-encode the file and make it more compatible format.

I think you can use winavi for a try.You can convert all .rm files to DVD once a time,winavi can merge them into one DVD file,then burn to disc directly. That’s more easy.