Best Way To Get Media Unavailable in the United States

Hey Folks,

There are several types of media that I would love to get my hands on, even just to test, but much of this media seems only be available elsewhere. Are there any particular vendors in other countries that have decent pricing and shipping for U.S. customers? Is there anyone here with experience shopping internationally?

Where can I get my hands on the following:

Maxell MXL RG04
Maxell MAXELL 003
Panasonic TYG03
Plextor YUDEN000 T03

Note that Maxell BQ and Pro media available in the states is not a substitute. I want 16x media, but all the Maxell MIJ in the states is 8x.

Too bad that international shipping is so expensive when sending packets as an individual (as opposed to shipping prices for big companies).

If I buy something from Denmark or from one of the companies in Germany who ship using the Danish postal service, I can get something sent for approx 60 DKK ($11, €8, £7) for smaller packages. From the U.K. I can get a decent sized package (several kgs) for about £13 (€16, $22) from SVP.

It would cost me £22 (€27, $37) to send a 2 kg package to the U.K.
It would cost me £26 (€32, $44) to send a 2 kg package to the U.S.

I assume shipping costs are also high in other European countries although they probably vary from country to country.

International shipping costs are quite high compared to the price of media you can send in a package, especially if you’re a private individual or a company without big rebates on shipping.

I guess you could trade with other CDFreaks, but the shipping costs would make it expensive.

And then there’s the added cost of customs tariffs the size of which I don’t know.