"Best" way to flash firmware?

I was just flashing my ASUS 4012a CD-RW drive to firmware 1.1 and I noticed on ASUS’ web site they say to “please change your device from DMA mode to PIO mode and remove all virtual drive software before you update firmware.” I don’t know about any of you, but this sounds like hogwash to me… I just left my drive on DMA mode, left Daemon Tools the way it was, and ran the firmware updater. It seemed to work just fine.

Anyway, this got me thinking. I’ve read a lot of posts here with conflicting instructions on how to update firmware; some say they always disconnect all other optical drives and make the device a master before updating, some prefer to always use mtkflash with .bin files for flashing instead of the Windows executables, etc. My question is whether or not there is really a “best” way to flash firmware. Does a flash simply work or not work? If this is the case, are all of these tips given out just to prevent complications that might make a flash not work? I’ve always just left my drives connected just the way they are and used the Windows flashing utilities to do it, and it always seemed to be fine. Is there something I’m missing?

doing anything in windoze is a risk!:bigsmile: dosis the safer way if you can do it.

are all of these tips given out just to prevent complications that might make a flash not work?

yep, that’s exactly what all the precautions are for, which is a much bigger deal when there aren’t any tools for recovering a dead drive. for most situations, there are no bad flashes except incomplete flashes. i flash in windows all the time, knowing that even if something went wrong, i can still recover my drives.

I am getting ready to flash my 510a with the new firmware. Since I have never flashed a drive before, I was thinking it would work in safe mode. Is this correct? Seems it would eliminate all those progs that load at startup making it safer. Any comments before I do this?

dun overclocking and also make sure the drive is empty. dun flash the wrong drive

Originally posted by mypolar
dun overclocking and also make sure the drive is empty. dun flash the wrong drive

I flash drives on my overclocked system and I haven’t had any problems… but then again I know already that my system is extremely stable from vigorous testing, and I can see how you might have problems with an unstable overclock…

That’s not really what he meant, but it is true that flashing on an unstable overclocked system is risky.

odds are this is a dead thread, but i just used a exe flash utility in windows 2 days ago and been searching for ways to fix my firmware for my samsung sn-308b cd-rw/dvd slim drive, i used the supplied updating tool from dell, unfortunatly dell is about retarded and supplied bad firmware, i found info that my drive and mtk do not mix, and the sfdndos exec file even in dos with the original firmware returns a [51]fail error, i need a way to wipe the firmware clean and start over i believe this will help fix it, otherwise i am going to open the drive and see if i can manually wipe it, or destroy it trying…i am sure i can find another drive in the local store, but want to see if i can make this one work again, if anyone has a suggestion let me know asap as no other posts on other forums help.

attached is the dell supplied update.

the one i should have used

the one i used by clicking the wrong link

Samsung SH-S182M DVD writer hosed after FW upgrade
Bought this last year and was working fine up until I installed the latest firmware on to it. The original FW version was SB02 and the latest one I found on Samsung web site was SB05.
This hosed up my DVD burner. Now I can not even read any disk I insert in to this drive. If I right click on disk and go to properties then I can see the disk as a blank disk. (Even tough there are files on the disk).

Has any one else experienced similar issue with the latest FW upgrade on this DVD?

If so what have you done to restore it?

I tried deleting the DVD drive from device manager and re installing (To get the right driver) that did not help. I tried looking for the older FW on the Samsung site and did not see any. I was using DVD shrink to burn some DVD’s prior this happening.

Any sugestions?

Edit. Found .bin firmware files on this forum. Not sure how to flash them though.