Best way to do this?

Lets see if I can explain this.

I have been taping some 1 1/2 hour long classes and capturing these vids to my computer. I then open these vids as Sony Vegas projects and edit them down to around 15minutes (just the important stuff). So now technically these are no longer vidoe clips but projects. Now I want to take all the 15 minute projects and edit them even further to put bits and pieces of them into different projects.

I was going to render the 15 minute edited projects to .avi movies on my harddrive. This way I could just drag them into the timeline on my Sony software for the new projects I am going to create with them. The only problem with this is after I was done re-editing them I would have to render them again and I am under the impression that everytime something is rendered it loses a bit of quality and I want to reneder them as little as possible.

Is there a way to leave these 15 minute vids as projects (as opposed to rendered movies) and move parts of them to different projects?

Sorry for the confusing, long winded post but this is a big project and I want to know the best way to tackle it. Thanks in advance.

Even though you have saved your project, and then rendered it, you should still have your original avi, and your un-rendered project.

What do you mean? Im not sure what youre getting at.

If you are wanting to combine video, the best way to do it, is to open your editing application, bring in all the avi files you want to add to your video, and bring them all onto the timeline. Make any edits, add chapter markers, render, make menus, and burn dvd. If you have your projects saved, you should be able to open multiple projects to add them to one movie. Have you checked out the HELP function for your software, and checked any online user forums (for your software)?