Best way to do this?



I currently have a DVD Drive and a DVD Burner (NEC 3520A) installed.

I have some movies that I own that I would like to backup to a blank DVD-R / DVD+R
What is the best way of doing this?

I also have DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter installed. What should I do?

I tried using DVD Shrink, but when it went to the encoding part my computer froze as well as the DVD Shrink and I needed to do a hard reboot. Is it because the file was still at 8 gb and the DVD+R only has 4 gb of space?

hat is the best method to backup my movies? Thanks



I doubt it was because of the filesize, Shrink’s job is to transcode the video and reduce size as a result, so there’s no good reason it should crash whilst doing this regardless of what size the original files are. Your best bet would be to see if the crash is repeatable and if so contact the author, perhaps it’s a bug or perhaps your system is unstable anyway.

The best method to backup is to burn to dual layer media, next best is to use DVD Rebuilder with an encoder such as HC, QuEnc or CCE (the latter is the only one you have to pay for) unless only a very small amount of compression is required in which case you can just use Shrink. And if no compression is required at all then you can just Decrypt and burn with no loss in quality.


Have you tried ripping the DVD with DVDDecrypter, and then re-encoding down to DVD-5 from the hard disk with DVDShrink?

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i’d say the next best to the dual/double layer media option is splitting to 2 single layer discs with no compression at all…but that’s just me and a select few others here that think that…


If you are really only interested in the movie and not the extras I use Menu Shrink to trim down the menus, I have saved over 900MB and others have save over 1.8GB. You can also use Vobblanker to blank out the extras and then shrint it to fit on a DVD5. I have done this and had the movie at 100% (no compression).


You’re right, I should have mentioned that too. Swapping discs is too much hassle for me though.


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