Best way to dispose of old hardware?



I found a few old systems in the attic today. One goes back to the Pentium 200mhz MMX years :slight_smile:

Whats going to be the best way to get rid of it all? Is there a market for old hardware like this or should I just bin it, and if so; How?


How about donating it to a worthy charity?


Well if it still works you can donate it. I think most places will only want something like 500mhz or faster now and days since technology is moving so fast. Otherwise you can dispose of it properly through electronic waste recycle programs if there are any in your country.


I had pretty good success parting out old 386 and 486 computers, and selling off specific components. Some of the old CD drives will handle copy protection stuff better than many of the new ones. I was able to sell some old memory for more money that the newest memory costs… Try parting stuff out and listing it on ebay.


I have an Apple IIe system will all the extras even the schools will not take it :disagree:
Imagewriter II, Apple Color Monitor II, Disc II, even a 1MG RAM card.

They could put it in a History Showcase