Best way to create synched-joined mpeg2 files

I have been having all sorts of problems trying to combine 5 divx files into one, DVD compatible, mpeg 2 file.
I have tried using mainconcept, but in the resulting file the audio is out of synch for the last 10-15 minutes of each file.
This happened when I tried to output all 5 files into one file, and when I output each file seperately.
I have tried this with tmpgenc also. When each file was output seperately it worked perfectly, though when tmpgenc output all 5 into one file, the quality was extremely downgraded.
So my choices are to either find a program that will encode all files and output to 1, or to find a good program to quickly combine the tmpgenc files…
Any suggestions?

VideoReDo from (trial available) will not only combine / edit MPEG2 files into one, it can also correct audio synch errors.

Many thanks for replying :slight_smile:
Downloading the program, I will let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

You will not be disappointed. Another great use for this app is its ability to read DVD .VOB files and extract the MPEG2 stream (with audio) from it, so you can for example create your own custom music DVD by ripping individual tracks from the same or a number of DVDs.

It was designed for editing adverts out of DVB captures and correcting the timestamps on DVB transport streams as well.