Best way to copy movie to netbook

I recently bought the new gateway netbook that is out and wanted to copy some movies to it. I have tried using DVDFab with little success. I would like to put the movie WMV format to play on media player. Every attempt at this has given me a good copy but with subtitles. I have tried all kinds of different settings in the DVD to mobile part in DVD Fab. Any other formats that work with Media player? Itried downloading other free programs that convert movies,but these are very limited.

Any recommendations?

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As far as I’m aware of, DVD Fab does not support WMV as output, but you should be able to play AVI fine in Windows Media Player as long as the required codecs are present. I would suggest installing ffdshow (link) as this provides playback support for XviD, DivX and H264 in Windows Media Player or any other DirectShow based media player.

In DVD Fab’s “DVD to Mobile” section, tick “Generic” on the left and make sure the tick is removed from “Subpicture” if you don’t want subtitles with your encoding:

For the profile on the next step, try “generic.avi.h264.mp3”. Most Netbooks with the Atom processor will play H264 fine with standard definition.

I tried using the generic tab under dvd to mobile and unticked the subpicture. Dowloaded the FFDShow which worked well. Still getting subtitles when I play the video in Media Player. I have no idea why?

In case you haven’t tried this, try pressing Shift + Control + C, which should toggle subtitles between the available languages as well as “Off”.

Assuming you’re using Windows Media Player 11, try going into its Options, into the “Security” tab and clear the tick from “show local captions when present”.

If you’re having little luck in Windows Media Player, try the older version as follows: Click Start -> Run, type in “Mplayer2” and click ‘OK’. Then open up your video file in this player and go into the ‘View’ menu to make sure there is no tick beside “Captions”.

I’m not quite sure why the disabling of the subpicture didn’t work above, as there shouldn’t be any subtitles included in the encoding once this tick is cleared. Otherwise it seems as if your DVD has the subtitles hard-encoded in the picture, in which case they cannot be turned off.

[QUOTE=Seán;2415201]Most Netbooks with the Atom processor will play H264 fine with standard definition.[/QUOTE] With some media players, yes. QuickTime isn’t one of them. :wink:

HandBrake works good for me (mp4 file, FFmpeg encoder).

As an alternative, the DVD can be ripped to an ISO image with no compression and played with VLC. This takes much more space, but it’s by far the fastest way of getting a movie from a DVD onto your netbook.