Best way to copy game DVDs (Flight Simulator X)

I’m a seasoned pro at copying DVD movies, but a noob when it comes to copying DVD games.

What is the best way to go about copying Flight Simulator X? I have the original discs…

What programs?

Many, indeed most, dvd games are copy protected and are difficult/impossible to copy successfully without some form of emulation because of the inability of burners to write dvds in raw mode.

What copy protection/s are used on the disc/s you want to copy? Scan with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID and let us know.

Only the king can do it. It is ALCOHOL latest edition. Blindwrite is a pile of merd, it is totally incapable. Tries to read the TOC and says: DVD-R incomplete and the copy button is greyed out.
Alcohol 1964629 is a bloody perfect one. But then you have to get the activation crack done by razor 911 and patch the 3 DLL’s.