Best way to convrt DVD episodes to DivX 6?

I have several DVD’s, mainly containing several episodes, and wish to back them up to DivX 6 format. I have the codec, and l and know that I want the file size to be approx 480 MB (megabytes) per hour of video (ie. so I can fit 9 hour long episodes on a single DVD+/-R).

I have tried AoAmedia’s DVD Ripper software which can get around copy protection, but not all of it’s settings (especially when movie is in anamorphic format) are used by the DivX codec so you also have to specify them in the DivX codec itself.

What’s the best way of doing this (if you have time, I’d appreciate any software used, along with step-by-step guide (with settings used), for the conversion procedure) ?

try following this guide.