Best way to connect IDE devices...?

I have 2 hard drive-45GB-ATA100 and 6GB-dont know whice ATA,
I have more 2 ATAPI devices-DVD-toshiba SD-M1502 and CDRW-LITEON 40125S.
I have 2 IDE channels- on primary channel 45GB-master and DVD-slave.
On secondary channel-CDRW-mastrer, and slave-6GB that rarely connected.
RIght now ON THE FLY option is workng well,but I loss performance when I copy from HDD to HDD.

Is there better way to connect those devices?

Your current setup is good for HDD to HDD copy - I’m not sure what you mean loss performance:

is is small or huge performance loss?

Slight performance loss is normal because of IDE and also you are reading/writing the C: drive which is the OS (use SCSI setup if you have the cash and want absolute performance)

Or, have you made a mistake in your post, don’t you mean performance loss when copying DVD to HDD.

I meant HDD to HDD.
Before I had CDRW it copied more faster from HDD to HDD.
the difference is feelable.

I have 2 ATA100 HD’s on the primary channel, secondary is CDRW master and DVD slave. I can copy CD’s on the fly at 32x, and my HD to HD copy speed is around 1.5 GB per minute.

as a rule never put a HD on a cable with anything else…run master on the O/S disc slave on the storage disc…
CS=O/S last connection on cable if sys supports it…