Best Way To Combine 2 Movies On One DVD?

I have two short movies (IFO, BUP, VOB format) and would like to burn them to the same DVD. I would like to keep the menus for both also if that’s possible.


Try using DVD Shrink or Nero Recode.

Look in the guides section under copy dvd movies on how to do this.

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I looked at the guides but only seen this one using DVDRemake
but I don’t have that program. I do have DVDShrink and NERO.

This is the link that you want to read.

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DVD Shrink in reathor mode does not keep menus. DvdReMake does.

Sorry, yes you have to use DvdReMake.

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I tried to combine a couple of movies onto one disc using Nero 6.6. Nero tried to shrink them down enough automatically, but they were still 5.35 gigs together. Does DVD remake automatically shrink them down? What are some good programs that will shrink down movies and wont give me any sync issues?

DvdReMake keeps original quality. You will need to use any transcoder (like Shrink) or re-encoder (like DVD Rebuilder) to fit it to needed size after you export whole merged disk.

Ok, so I got 2 movies DVD Shrink and got them to convert down to 4.7gigs, but how do I create a menu so I can select which movie I want to play? Nero has a menu builder, but Nero wont shrink the movies down enough to fit on one disk. This sucks…

DvDRemake does that for ya, read through this forum.

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I’m poor, where can I get DVDRemake for free?

There are ways to get free license:

There are quite a few people who actually got the program for free. Among them pretty much all beta testers and those who wrote guides about editing DVDs with DvdReMake. Those who helped us translate site and guides also got it for free. In other words practially everyone who helped with DvdReMake development and popularization got it for free. But not only.

Those who spend their time helping others to get through the complex subject of DVD editing and (re)authoring also get it for free. We were happy to offer free DvdReMake Pro license to moderators and active (read helpfull) users on many forums.

It is worth to try Intervideo DVD Copy Platinum ( , to combine 2 DVDs.

You can use DVDFAB Platinum, to merge DVD’s… not free though!