Best way to clean your Lite-On laser lens. (Poll)

I’m looking for the best way to maintain a clean Lite-On laser lens and am finding modern Lite-On drives have a cover on the bottom, meaning since the laser lens faces up, a good bit of disassembly is required to directly access the laser lens for manual cleaning.

Please post your Lite-On model and how you clean your Lite-On laser lens:

  1. Cleaner disc with brushes. (Allsop, Memorex, …)
  2. Cleaner disc with wet pads and liquid. (Discwasher, …)
  3. Compressed air. (brought my SOHW-1633S back to life)
  4. Manually wipe laser lens with cotton and alcohol. ( :bow: ) *
  • Please tell how you gain access to the the laser lens.


compressed air (looking for something better).

Do you disassemble the drive such that you can get line of sight to the laser when cleaning with canned air? I kind of just shoot it in there through the tray and hope for the best.

I’m glad you asked! I keep forgetting this.

My friend who told me about canned air laser lens cleaning said he had bad results when he tried just opening the tray. According to him, if you don’t unscrew the back and open up the drive (voiding your warranty,) the dust merely relodges itself.

I’m not finding it easy to disassemble the drive once the back is off. There are a number circuit boards inside with delicate connectors that are sandwiched together. I lifted the large circuit board and blew air toward the spindle (center). I strongly advise not having your face directly above! :disagree:

A word of warning: if the can freezes (happens after prolonged use or when air is getting low), frozen deposits could permanently damage the laser lens or short out electronics, so don’t let the can get frosty.

Hmmm. I suppose. The air needs some guideance. You know how Dust-Off comes with the little plastic attachment for concentrating the air? That comes in handy often. I’d bet you can shutdown the PC with the tray open, remove one of the drive’s mounting screws, attach the accessory and stick it right in there. Maybe get some tape to seal it so that none of the air comes back out of that screw hole. Theoretically, all that air(+dust) should get pushed out the tray opening. This way, you don’t have to disassemble the drive and void the warranty.

Oh, I’m well aware of that phenomenon. I like to tip the can upside down and freeze insects that invade my living space. Watching them stop moving and frost over into an ice sculpture makes me feel like I got my revenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Too bad I’m out at of canned air.

There’s an internal plastic assembly that fits snugly inside the metal case that would block air, but I was thinking the same thing. I can’t figure if the manufacturer has some slick way of slipping the plastic assembly out of the metal case, or if there’s an access point on top of the metal case under the label.

Where are all the cotton-lovers when you need em? :wink:

Instructions for disassembling and cleaning a SOHW-1633S.
Whole thread with photos.

I had trouble detaching the faceplate–the top edge in particular didn’t want to come apart. I wonder how many people do this much work just to clean their laser lens. A cleaner disc would not only be easier, but a lot less risky of breaking plastic tabs to attach the front panel.

Where is the poll??

Isopropanol and a q-tip…

In this order:
3,1 ,2 4.

Poll added :flower:

Cotton buds + Alcohol, the best way to clean my 165P6S lens :slight_smile:

Jan70, Thanks for adding the poll.

Anyone who disassembles their drive to clean their laser lens certainly has my respect, and anyone who uses all cleaning methods … I’m at a loss for words. :bow:

I’m pretty sure my old Philips was a rebadged Lite-On, and I remember attaching the front bezel of that (retail, two colors), so I might be able to get that apart (see instruction link), but I’ll wait till I get a new drive first. Too bad there’s no good way to get that round top cover off the metal case.

Until I get a spare drive, I succumbed to marketing propaganda and ordered a brush style cleaner. Bottom of p.2 and p.3 sounded impressive.