Best way to .bwa?

hi freaks,

i’m currently trying to figure out the best way to create the .bwa-files.

first my specs:

Win2k Pro SP3
ASPI 4.60 Build 1021
BlindWrite 4.2.3
Toshiba SD-M 1612 fw 1004
LiteOn LTR-24102B fw 5S5A

i made a copy of ut2k3 with read-speed set to 8x both the image and the .bwa-file, but it only works in my liteon (after only 3 seconds).
the toshiba takes around 2 min to complete the copy protection check and then failed.

so here’s my question:cool:

what’s working best: reading the image with a dvd or a writer and reading the .bwa with a dvd or a writer?

is 8x slow enough or should i dump the image @ 4x?

btw, my toshiba takes around 2 minutes to create the .bwa; and my liteon around 5 min.

greets from germany (hope my english wasn’t that bad :Z :bigsmile: )

Did you notice that you can repeat the analysis and see your old and new data. You should give that a try. Then it is easier to decide what you trust in.