Best Way to Buy Media

Practical issues regarding purchase of media:

What good do Media Codes and knowledge of their performance do for me when buying a batch of disks? I won’t know what the code is for the new batch until I’ve opened the package.

What if it turns out to be a Media Code that is known to be bad for my writer or if my testing shows that the batch works poorly with my writer?

Do I have any recourse with the seller or manufacturer or is it just my tough luck when I buy a batch that don’t work well in my writer?. Since manufacturers change their suppliers, I can’t depend upon buying by brand name alone.

I’m sure that these are considered very naive questions. I’ll admit to being very naive in this area.

I will appreciate any advice from you experienced users.



The easiest way to sort is to buy at retail locations and look for name brands that have Made In Japan on the labels. Japan media is generally very good. You can find the exact supplier of the Japanese media by referencing the manufacturer name brand on these forums. For example, Fuji DVD+R Made In Japan = Taiyo Yuden. Excellent media.

Go here to check media codes and users experiences with them:

You can pretty much narrow down the media codes based on brand and speed. Sometimes, there’s 2 or 3 manufacturers of that particular disc (TDK 8x DVD+R could be CMC MAG.E01 or RICOHJPNR02) but other times there’s only one (Staples 4x DVD+R is OPTODISCOR4) so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before buying.

I just bought 100 TDK DVD+R (8x) that were TY YUDEN000-T02 (ofcourse it had the Made in Japan sticker).

I understand your problem! I went to Office Max and bought 3 10 packs of media that was MKMA02. They are 4X DVD+RW’s and the only 4 letter word I can come up with here is ECTH!

They skip on Movies and MP3’s. Two are not even opened. I am going to bring all 3 back, and hope they give me my money back on them. I don’t even want them.

These were tried in both my NEC 3500 and BenQ 1620!

I expect my 100 Newegg disks Monday…supposed to be Ricohjpnw11.


A good retailer like or or will tell you what the MID code is if you email their customer service IME - if not - then write them back and tell them that you are taking your business elsewhere because of their lack of response (give it a real working day)-

Merry Christmas-


There are many known characteristics of good media. Even if a specific name brand can differ in media codes, there are often clues like the shape of the cakebox, style of the shrink wrap, and especially the “Made in Japan” indicator that help you identify good media. (If you see “Made in Japan,” then that’s all you need to know. :cool: )

Also as bigmike said, many online retailers will sell you the media directly from the manufacturer was opposed to some store brand, and they will post the media code beforehand so you know what you’re getting. If you received some other media code from them, then you can return it because they shipped the wrong product. (Though beware, there are many DVDR medias with ‘fake’ Taiyo Yuden and MCC codes!) If you received what you ordered but it doesn’t work well with your burner, then tough luck, you should have researched better or bought a small quantity for testing purposes.

If you bought it in a retail store and forgot to look for “Made in Japan,” or whatever, then tough luck unless their return policy is very good. (For example, recently TDK switched from RiTEK to CMC in their CD-R spindles. As soon as I realised, I the open spindle went back to Costco for a full refund.

We were all newbs once. :wink: