Best Way To Burn MKV HD To DVD+DL?

I have recently begun the move to Blu-ray. I am transcoding my BDs for space considerations/server access & also wanting to backup to DVD+R DL instead of taking the risk that all will be well in the future, as encode times are very long, to say the least.

I have read a number of posts on various forums with no clear understanding of the steps involved (would be great if help files included examples of settings & procedures).

I tried burning a DVD+DL disc (Verbatim) which failed (got error code 0xeb020b88), & at about NZ$3 a disc I would prefer not experiment with further ones as simulation mode is greyed out, for whatever reason.

I have two DVD+R DL drives: BenQ DW1640 & LG GGC-H20L BD model. I tried stated burn using BenQ drive as I thought it best to use most compatible drive for DVD+R DL media. Which is the best drive to use? & why?

What is the best app to use?
I tried Cyberlink Power2Go ver. 5.50.**** for failed burn.
I am not interested in having to purchase further burn software. I have on my system (in bold):
Cyberlink Power2Go this came with the LG drive
Nero this came with the BenQ drive
Other: as stated, no retail options please

In Power2Go I set UDF to 2.0 as I thought this would be similar to using UDF2 when burning -to DVD+R- a single movie file larger than 2GB. I now assume I was wrong??? The movie I tried burning is a 7.*GB MKV (Matroska) single file.

I am using Windows MCE2005 SP3 & totally up-to-date.

One final thing I did as burn began: I remember reading to disable AnyDVD for burning. I did this only just after pressing burn button (I had forgotten prior). Could this have caused error code?

Thanks in advance to all respondents. & those who looked but couldn’t assist.

Sorry. Just realised that I posted in Imageburn forum instead of the root one. If Mod could shift, may be best. Thanks.

As someone who prefers to close off posts for people who use the search function in the future, I will.

First off: my DL media isn’t Verbatim as stated, it is actually Imation, which Imgburn shows to be Ritek.

After posting I did more research with using Imgburn as the preferred burner.

I set the UDF file system to UDF 1.02 as stated in this thread.

I set options according to this guide.

I have just completed my first successful burn using Imgburn. LUK, you continue to be a herald for the free software brigade on the 'net. IMV, you’re a champ :bow::iagree: