Best way to burn long filename MP3s to data dvd

What is the recommended way to burn MP3s with long filenames and unusal characters to a data dvd? Typically I burn data dvds with a combination ISO/UDF filesystem in Nero. Some of the file and folder names are truncated when I burn a disc this way or just using a UDF filesystem. The strange thing is that when I try to just use a UDF filesystem it still tells me that some the names must be changed to be acceptable to a Joliet filesystem.

Any help?

I use ImgBurn with ISO+Joliet+UDF filesystem. Joliet is limited to either 64 or 110 characters (depending on the settings in the Advanced » Restrictions tab), but my PC always sees the UDF filesystem first which means filenames are complete.

I’m not sure about unusual characters, Joliet and UDF handle filenames like “äü@£$%aj€áèîõ~´´’äü@£$%€ =»«#$%&AsDEÉÌÃÔ” correctly, but I don’t know about other languages’ characters. I believe ImgBurn is not Unicode compatible, though.

Sadly, ImgBurn cannot handle unicode characters… the next version can though :slight_smile:

tell me more :clap: :bigsmile: :bow: