Best Way to Burn Dual Layer

Hi, I am trying to figure out the best way to backup my dual layer DVDs. I am currently using DVDFab Platinum’s “Clone” feature. The DVDs are working great, However, I can’t tell if the backups are perfect quality or not? Is there away to tell if they are perfect quality backups?

Is IMGburn a better way to make perfect quality dual layer backups?


ImgBurn is the only program I would use to burn DL discs. Make sure you [B]only[/B] use Verbatim +R DL.

You can run the discs through CDSpeed or DVDinfoPro (ImgBurn lets you export data to DVDinfoPro).

ImgBurn is my fave burning proggy the best " IMO" especially for DL burns…having said that, since purchasing and backing up a few DL’s using Fab platinum, I’ve had great results…only Verb media for me as well … :slight_smile:

The problem I am having is with turning the DVD into an ISO file, and the layer break.

DVDFab platinum uses the original layer break with their clone feature, and claim to make a perfect copy.

With IMGburn, could you rip the DVD9 to a folder, then use DVDshrink to create the ISO image, then IMGburn to burn the DVD? Would this keep the original layer break?

DVDFab Platinum does make a great DL/ISO backup,why use shrink at all?avoid some steps no need to use it. If you want rip with Fab to HDD then IMGburn in build mode then burn with IMGBurn. that was my method before purchasing Platinum,and it worked great,still does AFAIK!..But DVDFab Platinum works great for me now so that’s my preferred method…

My next DL burn will be using Fab Plat :iagree: and see how it goes :slight_smile:

I’ll give Imgburn another pat on the back and agree that DVD Shrink should be left out of the equation. DVD Shrink will actually remove the original layer break information. Here is a guide for burning from a folder with Imgburn…

CloneCD on the fly has worked best for me with everything i have tried. I just haven’t tried Fab Plat yet.

On the fly with DL discs…I might just be crazy enough to give that a shot. :slight_smile:

oh yeah :slight_smile:

The problem is finding a movie deservant of a DL. :smiley:

No kidding.

So, are recommending IMGburn for those that dont have DVDFab platinum? I have Platinum, but was just wondering which is best.

DVDFab’s Clone feature


ISO file, and IMGBurn?

Imgburn isn’t just for ISO’s any more…:slight_smile:

I wish I was qualified to answer questions about DVDFab and Clone for DL burning, but I’ve never used them…I’ve used Imgburn or DVD Decrypter for all of my DL burning.

I have mentioned to Fengtao about making Fab work for On the Fly copying but no-one wants it as there will be to many problems/questions etc… You have to have the right reader/burner/media setup to do it. I told Fengtao i would beta test if needed and have never heard anymore about it. It’s been a couple months.

Fengtao also said it would not be to hard to add to Fab. He may surprise us with an added update you never know about him :slight_smile: :bow:

Could you explain to me how u make the ISO files? I have the original discs, I can use from the originial or rip to folder. But, I just do not understand the whole ISO files…Thats why I was hoping to here Platinum’s Clone feature makes perfect copies.

As one of the best programs to do an ISO rip to your hard drive & then burn the MDS file with ImgBurn has not been mentioned, can somebody tell me if DvdFab HD Decrypter has an ISO read feature or is that what clone is? Also does it create the two files, one of them being the MDS file which contains the layer break info?

An ISO is just a nice convenient package…it contains all the necessary video files, but it put neatly into an image. Imgburn can now burn images or from folders that contain the VOB’s, IFO’s etc. via build mode.

Here are the guides I typically hand out…

[I][B]For DL burning directly from a folder[/B][/I]:
[B][I]For making an ISO out of your folder[/I][/B]:

There are some other guides at the imgburn site that could come in handy, but since this thread is about DL burning I’ll leave it at that.

can somebody tell me if DvdFab HD Decrypter has an ISO read feature or is that what clone is?

DVDFab HD rips to a folder, there is no ISO read mode that I am aware of…it will let you convert your folder to an ISO after the rip is finished though and works much like Imgburn in build mode.

Also does it create the two files, one of them being the MDS file which contains the layer break info?

The one time I used it in this capacity I was only given an ISO file. It seemed slower than Imgburn at the conversion too, this is why I only tried it the one time. Revisions may have added an ISO read feature but I’m not sure. I really have no issues using Imgburn in build mode and burning directly to disc, so I don’t see the need for the extra step of conversion. :slight_smile:

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