Best way to Burn an .ISO file?

I have a fill .ISO files and I use Nero 5540 to burn my cds, but almost every time I try to burn an .ISO file it says “Incorrect Raw”, then after I correct the raw mode I burn the cd and in mostly cases the cds will now work. I have tryed IsoBuster0.99 to extract the iso files but the cds sometimes still dont work!
What is the best burning software that i should use to burn these .ISO files ???

Thanks for the imput anyone can provide me…

Hmmm… well, for *.iso files I use easy cd creator! ( plz, people, don’t laugh )
I don’t have much experience with nero but let me tell you, I have no prob with ECDC 5.5.
btw, If you want o install ECDC , uninstall nero first or your HD will be one big mess ready to format.

I always had the same problem burning .ios too, until I figured out a trick, it works for me 100 percent so far! Double click on the .cue file that is included, it should ask you what program to open it with, choose notepad. it will tell you some info on the .iso file, like how it was set up. Here is the cue file from Norton system works 2002.

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

I use nero too, it tells you that you need to set nero to 2352 block size, there is only two choices for this setting, but it fixed all my problems! It will automatically choose the raw button if needed. Now I have no idea what all this means, but it works for me, hope this helps! make sure you choose the .bin file to burn, you don’t need to include the .cue file. Bin is the biggest file,lol.

What about if I dont have any .cue file icluded, I only have one .ISO file (like Windows_XP.ISO) ???

Use Nero 5.5(thats what I use) and try both sizes, that what I do, use a rw if you don’t want to watse one. There is only two choices I know of, good luck!