Best way to bsck up DVD's?

I started backing up some DVD’s to a external harddrive that look like they may be degrading. I was backing them up in the .nrg format. Is this ok? Or should I go with something else like .iso that I hear about if so why is it better and how do I go about this? I have Nero and Image Burn.

If you want image files, I would use iso instead of .nrg. You can make them using a free tool like DVDFab HD Decrypter. You can backup the entire movie to an iso, or you can just get the main movie and make an iso of it.

DVDDecrypter can also make iso files in ISO Read Mode, but it is not effective against many newer forms of protection put on dvds. Use it in combination with AnyDVD and it will work for these newer disks.

A third way is to break encryption and put the dvd on the hard drive with whichever program is your favorite decrypter/ripper, then make the iso with ImgBurn.

The only real reason to use iso over nrg is that nrg is a proprietary format. Iso’s are just more universally supported.

The free DVD fab is a great tool to decrypt with, but to shrink/burn, unless you want to use expensive DL disks, It doesn’t do D5-d5, you could use DVD SHRINK then burn with IMGburn, all free.

Agreeing with the other posters here:

Rip to HDD with DvdFab Hd Decrypter

Process through FixVts (just to clean it up a bit)

Transcode with Dvd Shrink

Burn with ImgBurn.

EDIT: ALL freeware, by the way!