Best way to Bkup my documents?

Hello everyone,

this is my first post & am glad to be part of this forum now.

I have a question.

In the past I have copied the files to DVD disc. But I was wondering could I just add another hard drive that I could use as just a backup for my data therfore I would just copy data to that drive and not wast any DVD disc anymore?

Is ther any downsides to doing this e.g slow pc down e.t.c or is there an alternative way?


In my setup I have a primary boot drive that has Windows XP and all my programs on it. I have installed a secondary drive that I use to have a backup of all my data including DVD images along with DVD Labels that I have created. On my primary boot drive I created a batch file that will copy all my documents, email mailboxs, internet favorites, DVDLAB files to my secondary drive. I run this file at least once per week. Then I burn a DVD+R disc every few months or so.

The reason I burn a DVD is that removable media is pretty solid and it will not get corupted if something happens to my computer. It is possible that a hard drive can have problems even if it’s not bootable. I would not just rely on the hard drive for a backup. DVD+R discs are really cheap now days (about $.40 each). IMHO


Strongly suggest getting an external hard drive to backup your files to - like a usb/firewire 80 - 120mb Seagate external (comes with five year warranty) - and you can turn it off when not doing the actual backing up to prevent it from being attacked by any virus lurking around-

Suggest using Acronis True Image backup software to get the easiest/best backup of your files-


My suggestion is to build the external drive yourself instead of getting one of those integrated external units. A separate external enclosure will allow you to replace the drive if/when it stops working or becomes too small.
You can also, if you don’t care about external appearance, go for a simple IDE interface instead of a complete external enclosure. This should allow you to spend about half to one third of what you need for an enclosure.

Im all up for the external drive. I have an enclosure myself that i can just pop any hard drive into (havnt tried laptop, i believe i need an adapter to go on it…) and have it pop up. Mine is personally a USB 2.0 but firewire is also just as good. the good thing about it is that i can quickly switch drives with whatever im using. If you are only backing up a small amount of data, you might even try a Flash/Jump Drive. They would work just like your external hard drive. Internal hard drives however might cause some more trouble and might be corrupted and have more trouble if you have it connnected to your computer all the time.

If he’s only backing up small amounts of data, there’s a lot to be said for getting one of those IDE interfaces I linked to and two surplus hard drives. 10gb or so drives are often found thrown away along with obsolete computers. I say two drives because old obsolete hard disks are likely to have seen long years of use, and you don’t want to entrust mission-critical data to only one of them. Copy your data first to one, then to the other, and short of a natural catastrophe you won’t lose them.

Thanks everyone I’ve decided to get an enclosure for my spare 40Gig drive that I will be using to back up my data.

I’ve spotted this one on ebay is it any good?


I like the idea it can be powered by my Desktop PC.


Best Bet is to buy Seperate hard disc enclosures…either usb or firewire…best to get em with both…Then go buy a 120 or 160 or 200Gbt Hard disc or buy two 200gbt n set them up…Set them as NTFS if you useing xp n Don’t partition…No need to…
Make Folders on Hard Drive n either Drag n Drop or use “Send To”, just as quick as useing a back up progy…Google for the progy “send to”. You can also get a Regedit “Move To”. Also “Karens Backup” is Very Good n Free…give it try.
Also put them onto CDR or DVD-R…–Play Safe.

Simply buy a rewritable CDR and burn the data to it.
Erase it and reburn when the My Documents folder is updated.