Best way to backup software as iso files

I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve searched the forums, but couldn’t find an exact answer, so maybe people can help me out. My problem is that I’m sick of carrying around my CD carrying case (and having my software CD’s scratched by the case). What I want to do is backup all of my software as ISO files and then store them on an external hard drive. If I need them in the future, I can either load the ISO image in something like DAEMON tools or burn the file to a disc.

Is there one program that can do this most efficiently? I think Nero has the ability to copy a CD, but does this work for software? My guess is that there are some CD’s that will have some sort of protection, but I’ve backed up my DVD collection using DVD Decrypter, so my guess is that there’s something like that for my software. Also, is it possible to backup bootable CD’s as ISO’s? I know that won’t be as efficient because I would have to burn back to a CD to use it, but it’s more for long term storage of my Windows XP discs and programs like G-Parted. Anyone have any software suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

CloneCD and DVDDecrypter.

Thanks for the reply. I have used DVD Decrypter in the past and I do think it’s great. Have other people used CloneCD? Is it the preferred program for what I’m trying to do?

There’s also Read Mode in ImgBurn which in this respect is almost identical to DVD Decrypter, only newer and without the decryption part for DVD Video.

Plenty of other tools can do it, but I like to use a Shareware program called UltraISO for this purpose.

I recommend you to use magiciso. It is quite good iso creator.

Do these all work equally well with encryption or security features on certain software CD’s? or is there one that will perform better than the others? I’m sure this is a matter of opinion, but I haven’t ever thought about this before, and am eager to learn.

Very good question! :flower:

I have no doubt that the justifications will follow. :wink:

for copy protected software/game cds-dvds alcohol 120% is best
if you dont know if a certain cd-dvd have a copy protection or not then you can scan it with copy-discovery

as far as i know those are [U]not[/U] copy protected

it certainly is :slight_smile:

not really,unless the cd-dvd is copy protected of course , ultraiso & magiciso can only make isos from unprotected cd/dvd discs (well they probably can make isos from protected ones in some cases but the software/game wouldnt work right) , clonecd can handle copy protections if used properly , personally i like magiciso but of course it cant handle copy-protected discs

Wow, that’s great info. Thanks so much.

New question:

Is there a way to make an ISO file of a DVD in Alcohol 120? Every time I try, it only allows me to make a MDS file.

Alternatively, is there a way to convert an MDS file to an ISO?

just use them as MDS files, Daemon tools can load them, Alcohol can load them, not sure if the Nero 7 can or not, but most likely will also.

My choice would be Nero