Best way to backup and archive CDs?

Hi Newbie here,

I’ve used this forum many times and it has been quite helpful. But I suppose in this case I’m kind of overwhelmed at the options.

I’ve set up EAC with the LAME encoder and that’s working great for ripping mp3s.

I want to also back up about 30 older CDs I have. What I have done so far is use EAC to create a cdimage.wav file and cdimage.cue file for a single album. I also detected the gaps between songs

My questions are these:

  1. is this method the best way of getting a clean copy of a cd? (btw, I’ve read about offsets but I’m too much of a rookie to bother with them) In other words, does this method produce an identical copy the same way simply burning it would?

  2. the reason I chose ripping a cdimage is I want to burn multiple cdimages onto a dvd for safekeeping. Again is this the best method to archive cddata or should I just use clone CD and copy each and every CD I want to backup.

  3. Ease of use. I am also looking at the best way of archiving so in future I could simply grab an archived dvd and burn a cd using one of the cdimages on it. OR load the DVD and rip an MP3 from one of the tracks. Again, am I going about the right way?

thanks for any help