Best way to back up all audio protected CD

Hello, i think it is a good way to make a back up of your favorite Audio Cd but what do u need ?

  1. A DVD player (not in a computer) with an optical out
  2. A soundcard with optical in like the soundblaster live platinum

So now with creative recoder u can make a perfect audio copy at 44 100 Hz for one track in wav it represent about 35.4Mo so just convert it with musicmatch playcenter 2 and now u have a perfect MP3 or what u want ;o)

What is cool is no need to cut with a wave editor ;o)

Tell me what do u think about my method ?

That would work…

Why not just use a program like MusicMatch to rip the CD to WAV or MP3 directly???

I’ve seen a crack / modification to the program so that protected CDs would still work.

Are you sure it would work?

I’ve got a couple of “protected” cd’s (Freestylers - Pressure Point, Zebrahead - Playmate Of The Year), and I play them in my Pioneer NS-DV55 Home cinema set (incl. DVD Player, like you state).
But when I use the Digital Out to make a copy on my minidisc (Sony MZR50 or something) via the Digital In, the MiniDisc gives a “NO COPY” - error, and only allows me to make a (lossy) analog copy.

Same problem with CD-RWs. Sometimes I burn a song/mix i made on a CD-RW, just to check what it will sound like on my home hifi-set, and when I try to make a digital copy on MiniDisc, the “NO COPY” sign appears again. Strange, eh?

I mean, wouldn’t this be the case using the Digital In on your SoundBlaster, or doesn’t the SoundBlaster recognise it as being a “protected” cd, like the MiniDisc does?

Hmmmm…read somewere(can anyone help PLEASE)that some soundcards do not syncronize the digital in due to copyrights of the record(copyprotected there is),but also that there was a couple of s-cards that did,tried to find articles but failed .Can someone please help with info???

So they’re messing with the SCMS flags now too? AND they resample the S/PDIF signals?!? :eek:

There goes plan “B.”

If you are lucky you have a cd-rom reader which reads the copy-protected audio cd. Use for example Plextor for copying/ripping protected audio cds. This way is a lot easier than your solution!