Best Way to Back up a DVD?

I just started using CloneDVD and AnyDVD and my first two movies have worked great, but I just want to see how other people are backing up movies.

I just left AnyDVD with the defaults and then I made and ISO out of the DVD I wanted to burn and then burned the ISO to a disk. This seems to have worked well, but is it better to do a direct copy from one disk to another?

What do I gain by first creating the ISO and then copying the ISO to a disk? Also should I be setting book type with CloneDVD? I didn’t see the setting for it when I looked last night, and just wanted to know if you can set book type with CloneDVD.

3 things:

1.) i burn exactly the same way you do. ther’es no “better” way, just preferences. do some browsing in the forum if you’re looking for alternate burning methods.

2.) you can’t set booktyping in Clonedvd. You’d have to set it with a drive utility. (ie I have a BenQ drive and use Qsuite to set booktype)

3.) you posted this in the CloneCD forum…you’r enot going to really get any views in here if you’re talking about burning DVDs. :slight_smile: